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How to Optimize and Promote Your Blog
Every blog owners want their blogs to become successful and rank well in the search engine. If you want your blog to rank well in the search engine, it must be optimized for the search engine. One of the ways to optimize a blog is to update it frequently. At first, your blog will have little visitors. However, it will get a lot of visitors when you constantly update it. By consistently updating your blog, the search engine will believe that you are serious about your blog. It is recommended that you create 1 – 3 new posts per day. After you regularly update your blog for 6 months, Google will assign authority to your blog. Blogs that have authority will rank higher in the search engine.

If You Want More Visitors To Your Blog You Should Consider Blog Directories
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Search Engine Marketing | What is a Blog Directory? By Mike McCoy
Building up a readership for a blog requires getting plenty of links to the blog for others to follow as well as placing the links in a place where blog readers are likely to find them. A blog directory can accomplish both of these things. By registering a blog address into a category on a blog directory, a blogger can expect to build traffic and page rank.

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